Surface preparation, coating & galvanizing services

Surface preparation, coating & galvanizing services

Nowadays, asset longevity that starts with preventing corrosion before it begins are more crucial in any operation, we provide corrosion prevention services to meet with our valued customers’ demands.

With dedicated team assigned to each project, our coating systems always meet both of our client’s specific project requirements and the highest standards of safety and quality. Our complete range of products and services can optimize uptime and protect your assets from the costly effects of corrosion. Our corrosion prevention services provide protection for metal structures in the oil and gas and petrochemical plants. We do the proper surface preparation by grit blasting or power tool cleaning with all protective enclosures to receive the exact cleanliness and roughness to get maximum bonding of the paint on the metal surfaces.

We provide both; Shop Coating inclusive of –

  • Internal and external line pipe coatings
  • Internal and external coatings of bends, spools and valves
  • External coatings and internal linings of tanks and vessels
  • Equipment painting
  • Structural steel painting

And Field Service Coating inclusive of –

  • Internal and external tank coatings
  • Internal and external field-constructed tank coatings
  • Plant shutdown support and facility maintenance
  • Pipeline coatings
  • Industrial structure and surface coatings
  • Structural steel coatings