Our Values

"At the heart of all our actions are Safety, Quality, Integrity, Hard Work and Care & Responsibility. These are the core values that define Royal Marine Group and the set of behaviors that we expect all our people to embrace."

We are committed to create a safe, healthy and conducive work environment for all our employees and general public. We maintain and adopt practices that promote safety of our people.

It is the common denominator of all we do and we continuously strive to improve our services, skills and abilities.

We adhere to fairness in all our business and working relationships.

Hard Work
We regard hard work as an expression of our operations. We are always challenging ourselves through innovation, strategic planning, collaboration and teamwork.

Care & Responsibility
We believe in caring for our employees by delivering a competitive and fair employment environment with the opportunity to advance. We will extend our responsibility to our organization, our industry and our community.


About us


Royal Marine Engineering and Trading co. Ltd, is established in 1998 providing high quality services to our valued customers in installation, fabrication, maintenance and repair of the mechanical and electrical equipments.
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